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EMR & EHR Solutions

Seamlessly Integrated Health Enterprise Modules

We are vertically experienced in Health Enterprise needs and in seamlessly integrating all users needs in minimal screens; our approach is to create self-propelled workflow with visually noiseless screens requiring the least interaction from users; learning interval is very short and almost all users with minimal knowledge can be up and running using our system.

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Our EMR solution, the Unified Medical File UMF, is a world-unique one; it is the only EMR in the world that provides a common data model at the level of the user interface leading to effortless encoding of user input and creation of a common reporting platform among all users even in different health care facilities.

From a technical point of view, this is manifested by liberating the front end forms from the classical tight-coupling to backend data model.

Extremely easy and intuitive to use, with minimal required mouse clicks and minimal amount of screen interactions, each user type is faced only with the actions that he can, or is expected to perform; subsequently the user screen are visually noiseless and simple; each use case behaves like a wizard that self-propels the user in a clear direction of use. 

With a simple user switch, UMF users can switch screens language to anyone of the supported and authorized language of the system.

Because of its unique technical features, we are the only EMR that can provide a full EMR copy on the patient’s mobile device, consistently synchronized in real-time, and whose access is controlled by the patient.

Our EMR is truly a patient-centric one; all the clinical information of the patient is visible in one single web-page; and a single International Patient Summary.

Those features are only supported if the healthcare facility has not opted-out from the Cloud implementation of UMF by requesting a stand-alone implementation on a local network server.

Our Electronic Medical Records are revolutionary in design and implementation; they are natively connectable to other EMR systems that implement international protocols such as HL7 and FHIR. Our webforms can come in any design our users desire and they natively support encoding of user input by codes from international sets such as CPT, ICD 10, LOINC, and SNOMED;

Our medical records ensure privacy and security by using cutting edge 21st century cloud technology combined with structural innovative design that renders patient privacy impenetrable.

Connect seamlessly to HL7 AND FHIR systems

UMF is built according to the international protocols defined by HL7 organization in the United States;

These protocols lay out the foundations for inter-connectivity of EMR systems and the creation of a virtually unified medical file for the patient;

Therefore, UMF can integrate and communicate with any EMR solutions that is built on HL7 principles;

We can always build all the necessary plugs to inter-connect your EMR with a common authority platform such as NABIDH, or another hospital of organization.

NABIDH compliance is a requirement of Dubai Government Health Authority in order to operate health care facilities;

this requirement will soon be imposed also by the Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates in other Emirates; compliance with NABIDH, or MALAFI, or any other platform depend basically on the same principles from a technical point of view;

With our data solution we can easily get you compliant with the authority needed, up and running, with the best EMR;

Our pricing is the most reasonable and affordable by any functioning health care facility;

Get Compliant Today With Authority Servers

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