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What is NABIDH?

Dubai Health Authority has introduced NABIDH health information exchange platform. This will improve the overall quality of care for patients by unifying health records. This state of the art, completely secure platform enables physicians to access complete patient history even if the patient moves from one facility to another.

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NABIDH, initiated by Dubai Health Authority, is a Health Information Exchange program that facilitates seamless and secure information exchange between healthcare providers and patients.

Through the portal, service providers can access the patient's complete medical history, regardless of whether it is their first visit or if they have received treatment at other facilities. This ensures the continuity of care for patients and enables service providers to maintain a high quality of care.

All the hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers licensed under Dubai Health Authority need to be connected with NABIDH and exchange information using one of the qualified EMR system.

PAGEACLOUD is one of the first few EMR’s to automate the Health information Exchange with NABIDH. When you start using Simplex HIMES all your regulatory requirements are covered including NABIDH. All the technicalities and challenges involved in integration, connectivity and security are handled by default.

Not at all, PAGEACLOUD provides excellent value for money. Paired with a good operational team, it gives you greater ROI. It’s a modern cloud enabled application that is evolving. Through regular updates, new features and functionalities are made available to all the facilities without any additional cost. You will never require to change.

Yes pageacloud does handle end to end revenue cycle management and e-claim management of Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Diagnostic centers.

No, there is no change in e-Claim process to comply with NABIDH.

The information shared varies based on the type of facility. For instance, hospitals are required to exchange information from admission to discharge, while clinics share information from check-in to checkout. For more detailed information, our executives are available to assist you.

NABIDH has successfully connected and validated PAGEACLOUD as the preferred cloud EMR for Health Information Exchange with the NABIDH portal in Dubai.

Whether you run a Multi-speciality Hospital, Clinic, or Diagnostic Centre, PAGEACLOUD platform is designed to effectively manage your facility, improve patient care, and optimize your revenue stream. This versatile software can be easily configured and customized to align with your specific workflow requirements from a wide range of available features. It is available as a cloud-based solution for small and medium-sized facilities and can be installed on-premise for larger facilities. Additionally, PAGEACLOUD is designed to meet not only NABIDH standards but also any future regulatory requirements imposed by the government on healthcare systems. Notably, there are no additional costs associated with these functionalities.

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